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Modern children spend hours watching television shows every day. While parents love the quiet time, many overlook the fact that seriously detrimental effects occur from this mindless activity that consumes so many children. It is important for healthy development to block harmful material from the impressionable minds of kids.

The Problems of Television

There are numerous disadvantages with allowing children to watch unrestricted, regarding duration and content, shows and movies on TV. Some of the following should provide adults with enough information to convince anyone to understand the negative effects of television on the development of kids.


While watching scenes of violent murders may not influence youth to murder, it certainly does not provide any benefit. The common visuals of death and destruction will likely lessen the impact children feel towards real occurrences of similar situations. Some believe this better prepares them for the harshness of the world, but it likely causes cynical or heartless feelings. Additionally, violence can often scare younger ages and cause nightmares, bed wetting, and timidness.

Poor Health

Constantly watching television is scientifically proven to be unhealthy. The lack of physical motion leads to numerous health issues. Possible problems are excessive weight gain, type II diabetes, brittle bones, and poor circulation. Additionally, this behavior is also associated with bad dieting, such as too many snack foods and caffeinated drinks. These introduce an entire array of issues, such as weakness, fatigue, cavities, and even more serious, life threatening conditions, such heart disease.


Sex, or even just overly sexual behavior, is much too complex for children to properly process. This frequently leads to adolescent sex because the realistic disadvantages of being sexually active too young are rarely shown. Another issue is general provocativeness, particularly by young women. The television shows teach them that wearing more revealing clothing and related activities are cool or acceptably common. While this behavior will likely lead to popularity in school, the attention is not the desirable type and likely leads to sexually active children.


Cigarettes, alcohol, and drugs are heavily shown, even during programs targeted towards children, and often overlooked, which could lead to subliminal messages that promote the use of these age restricted or completely illegal items. Writers specifically focus on this behavior because they know it will receive more views and gain popularity. The reason for this popularity is that youth believe this behavior will lead to popularity, specifically because smoking, drinking, and doing drugs underage is illegal. The taboo nature is highly sought after by improperly guided, impressionable children.

For these clear reasons, it is highly advised for parents to monitor television viewing within the household. Block maturely rated programs with elements of illegal and inappropriate activities for kids, and best practice indicates that limiting the viewing time is critical too. Younger ages require certain levels of guidance and instruction for proper development, which includes understanding and restricting what they view on a regular basis.

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The difficulty often associated with single parenthood is certainly not over-exaggerated. Many single parents face numerous challenges on a daily basis that dual parent households deal with significantly less often. While proper planning can help reduce the impact of these problems, the time to plan is often hard to find. By better understanding the multitude of issues, you can learn the steps to improve daily life.

Everyday Challenges

The following problems are heavily attributed to single parenthood because some of them are rarely or possibly never faced by homes with multiple adult providers.

Financial Troubles

Only one income means having significantly less money for paying bills, buying the necessities, and other important expenses. Certain situations even prevent the help of child support, such as having an unknown parent. Single parenting is also common among mothers and fathers with lower education, usually no college degree; therefore, job opportunities will have far lower wages than careers that require higher education. Many people struggle to support themselves on these miniscule wages, so caring for yourself and children is extremely difficult.

Time Limitations

Working and caring for children requires an incredible balanced of time and resources; therefore, many other issues arise. For example, the common work hours of 9 am to 5 pm are not aligned with the usual school schedule, which ends around 3pm. This often leads to the additional expense of a baby sitter or nanny. Additionally, the parent never has time to relax or spend quality time with their children. By the time work is over, dinner is eaten, homework is completed, and mess cleaned, bedtime quickly approaches.


Often, older children that experience divorce hold resentment towards boyfriends or girlfriends of their parents. This can lead to serious relationship troubles, if not managed properly. Kids may feel betrayed or less loved when their parents start dating, so it is critical to clarify that thought process is far from accurate. Another issue is the lack of time and money available to spend on dates. Both genders would have to find babysitters and leave other responsibilities behind during the date, and the male may be expected to pay for the meal or other activity, which adds an extra cost factor.

Proper Childcare

Single parenthood can easily lead to less monitored children. This is dangerous for proper development because they can develop life threatening habits. Poor nutrition and physical activity, inappropriate television watching, and illegal activities, such as doing drunks and underage drinking, are all possible results of poorly monitored kids. Social skills and emotional attachments can also become huge issues without suitable guidance.

Single parent households must overcome a multitude of challenges, ranging from scraping up the cash to pay for food to developing personal relationships. However, a strong foundation of research on the problems and solutions and knowledge of helpful resources and government programs can significantly improve the livelihood of single parents and their children.

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Raising children is extremely tough, and unfortunately, it is often done quite poorly. However, childless adults forget some of the many challenges of being a parent. The following list of the major difficulties encountered by parents on a daily basis provides a glimpse into their lives for those debating having kids. Evaluating your current life situation is crucial for ensuring the full ability required to properly raise children.

Tests of the Average Parent

1. Managing Multiple Lives

Children need help completing their responsibilities, such as getting to school and preparing meals. This combined with parents’ life of cooking, cleaning, working, relationships, and hobbies creates a busy lifestyle. Therefore, scheduling some relaxation and bonding time is highly important for both parent and child.

2. Planning Time Effectively

Structuring family life is challenging. Parents must ensure their day of cleaning, cooking, working, and other daily duties aligns with the responsibilities of their child, such as chores, school, studying, and extracurricular activities. The two often stagger, so solutions must be quickly applied for smooth sailing.

3. Teaching The Right Principles

Guiding the kids to the right decisions is difficult but an absolute necessity for solid development into early adulthood. Therefore, discussions ranging from the inevitable sex talk to completing responsibilities are highly important. Values taught during the early ages are what combine to create an adult later in life. However, these talks can easily escalate, which leads to the next challenge.

4. Maintaining Sanity

Remaining cool, calm, and collected is a daily struggle of every parent, particularly during temper tantrums or fights. Yelling is rarely the proper approach to conveying an important point to children, so staying composed is crucial for dealing with children that do not want to cooperate. A busy schedule easily becomes overwhelming, so keeping the daily tasks manageable is vital for maintaining sanity too.

5. Providing Financially

There is a line between providing for needs and certain desires and spoiling children. However, many either fall short or go completely overboard. Even the wealthiest parent should create a budget that outlines responsible expenses. You should always ensure the bills are paid and food is on the table, but planning the cost of gifts for birthdays, holidays, and every day wants is also important.

6. Hands On or Off

Another critical question every parent wonders is deciding when to let children make their own choices. From going on a date to simply choosing an extracurricular, adults must establish some good guidelines to help structure the daily life of their kids with minimal deviation. Trial and error will likely become part of the average guideline creation process.

Having children is an exceedingly difficult but rewarding experience. Guiding the growth of a human-being is simply amazing, but the role should not be taken lightly. Everyone should seriously consider the advantages and disadvantages of raising a child and determine if they can seriously accept the numerous responsibilities associated with such an endeavor before proceeding on that course of action.

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The Best Parenting Styles


Now, as a parent, I can tell you that there are several different opinions on this topic. Now, I am not going to sit here and tell you which is right and which is wrong, but the bottom line is everyone that has children will offer their input, then you have those that don’t have any children that want to offer their opinion. Now if you are a parent, like I there will be times when sure, a little opinion here and there or advice is great.


This seems to be one of the hottest topics or debates when it comes to parenting styles. You have those that are from the country, like myself, that were raised to respect, the elders, don’t talk back, say please and thank you etc. And if you didn’t do these things, well, heaven help you! The bottom line is if you were raised this way you knew better than to not listen to your parent. If you didn’t then yes, chances are you were swatted on the behind.

On the other side of this you have those who don’t believe in spanking their children. And you hear about the great debates about whether or not it is abuse, or whether its productive to discipline your child with whippings, spankings or anything that is defined as ‘corporal punishment’. Often times when a parent chooses not to use corporal punishment they will discipline with grounding the child. Removing privileges or other means than spankings.

Now if you were to sit down and look at the success rate of both forms of discipline you are going to see that in the end, the results are fairly even. Everyone has their own style of parenting and disciplining their child.

Ask a parent

Now when you stop and talk to a parent about this, chances are you will never get two answers the same. As a mother, and someone who holds their degree in Criminal Justice with emphasis on Juvenile law, I can tell you I have worked with children who have grown up in homes with very different morals, forms of discipline, attention and overall lifestyles. Yes, I believe, how a child is raised, how a mother and father choose to parent can play a large role in the kind of adult they will become. But the bottom line is whether you live in a 6 bedroom mansion and have everything handed to you or you were raised to earn your money from the time you were old enough to count; as we grow and learn who we are as individuals, in the end we decide who we will become as adults and individuals.

Now discipline and asking one or two parents what they think offers a little light, but when it boils down to it as far as parenting styles go, there are going to be different ways to do everything. Those that go to church and expect their children to go, until they are 18 and choose for themselves, or if you choose to allow your children to choose from a younger age. On the other side, you have kids who are given a weekly allowance for chores, good grades etc. And then you have those that are raised with the automatic expectations of being a productive individual, and those things are expected and may not come with reward, but if they don’t meet those expectations, they may lose privileges.

What we are trying to say is, for lack of a better term, there is more than one way to skin a cat. When you grow up and have children you base your parenting skills off that of what you experienced as a child. You either decide to follow in your parents steps or you don’t. And your child will do the same, as will theirs and so on. What is right and what is wrong will differ from household to household, and from child to child. There is not a right or wrong way to parent your children.

Ask yourself these questions: do your children know that you love them? Without a doubt in your mind can you say they KNOW that they can come to you for anything? Do you praise their good behavior and constructively correct negative behavior? If you can answer yes to these questions, then YES you are doing a good job, you are parenting in a way that works for you and your family.

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Family Using Technology


There are not many arguments against the improvements technology has had on our lives.  We are a more connected society than ever before.  How we connect is ever changing and continually improving.

Today’s population is more informed, more educated, and presented with more opportunities than the population of say 25 years ago.  We have the ability to gain control over our lives something that was quite different before technology.

Technology has made our lives much easier.  Opponents argue this is the only benefit technology provides a lazy society.  However, we have become a society that lives richer, more meaningful lives than ever before and this trend should only grow as time moves forward.

The information is there

Technological advances of the internet have produced the ability for self-education.  The world at your fingertips, people are provided enormous amounts of information on anything from health issues to financial planning.  They are presented with industry specific statistics and studies to assist in life changing decisions.

Technology has improved our overall understanding of topics previously entrusted only from paid professionals.  We have the ability to conduct thorough research and protect ourselves from conmen and those who provide disservice.

A healthier population

Technological advances have increased our life span.  Health care has been a huge benefactor of ever improving technology.  Procedures are better understood and safer than ever before.  Not only are we healthier, but the quality of life for thousands and thousands of people have been directly improved from technological advances.

Life saving surgeries, that possessed an incredibly low success rate, have become commonplace in today’s society.  Providers are more educated and have increased ability to consult other industry professional on diagnosis and unique health issues.

A stronger, healthier family

A Stronger, Healthier FamilyNetworked families have the huge benefit of the many devices of communication.  Our lives have been enriched through association with other members.  We can instantly seek trusted advice, share memories, and aid in individual member’s problems.

We have a greater chance of protecting our children from harm.  Not only can we know whom they are associating with, we are more knowledgeable parents about the latest trends in education, professional development, and stressors our youth face.

Jump in for a better life

Technology has leveled the playing field business startups and new ventures. Jim Hardy, an SEO Los Angeles analyst, explains”The internet has provided many the opportunities to explore talents and take on large projects that were previously impossible, from graphic design, computer programming, web development, online marketing, online advertising, social media to mobile apps and more. It provides the ability to sell products and services worldwide allowing people living outside of metropolitan areas the ability to enter any market.”

A dramatic change

Technology has provided an avenue for many to live the dream they never thought possible.  Satellites technology allows for habitation of even the most remote places of the world.  This allows for a better quality of life for people wishing to extricate themselves from city life and still remained plugged in to their old. We have the avenue for direct improvement over our given life situation that simply was not available 20 years ago.

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